Owner / Technician

Ty Lerud is the Owner/Operator and Lead Technician


Ty is proudly married since 1986 to Cheryl. Together they have 2 sons that have both graduated from college in Oregon. The Lerud family has lived in the Centennial neighborhood of SE Portland since 1985. Ty joined SMWIA local 16 in 1999 and has studied and worked in the construction trade since.



Sheet Metal Journeyman, Local 16
BPI Certified professional: Building Analyst Professional
BPI Certified professional: Envelope Professional
PTCS: Duct sealing & Heat Pump Certified
HVACR Service classes of Local 16

EPA: Universal CFC certification card
OSHA: Hoisting & Rigging, Signaling


Goals and beliefs: 

I started HPSC in 2011 as the next step in my career in the construction trade. Transitioning from being a foreman/employee of other companies to becoming the owner/operator of my own company. I believe in doing things the right way, while providing superior customer service.These principles will provide me with a bright future and many happy customers. I prefer to identify and solve problems, rather than selling band-aids to alleviate issues.