About HPSC


Home Performance Solutions Corporation (HPSC)


HPSC  is a Residential and Light Commercial General Contracting company specializing in Home Assessments, Testing, and Repair. When it comes to maintaining your home, HPSC will help you find logical, cost-effective solutions. HPSC's goal is to provide the homeowner with pertinent information regarding their options; by repairing, replacing or remodeling systems or sections of their homes. Allowing homeowners to achieve smart, budget-conscious improvements.

What is Home Performance?
Home performance is the interactions of all of the home's systems that provide for a safe home, that is comfortable and energy efficient. HPSC uses Building Science along with testing to evaluate a whole building. Including HVAC, indoor air quality, duct work design and installation.

What is Home Performance Testing?
HPSC examines buildings with the house-as-a-system concept. Testing includes following the BPI standards of home assessments using blower doors, duct blasters and CAZ testing equipment, as needed. Then offering whole house evaluations and whole house solutions.

HPSC will provide a quick, less intrusive, overall assessment to help homeowners develop a "piece at a time" home improvement plan. HPSC is a company that can provide a comprehensive   evaluation; as well as a complete game plan and proposal to correct issues. HPSC can also perform efficiency testing to guarantee results.

Ty Lerud started HPSC in 2011 as the next step of his career in the construction trade. Transitioning from being a foreman/employee of other companies, to becoming the owner/operator of his own company. Ty believes in doing things the right way, while providing superior customer service. HPSC prefers to identify and solve problems, rather than selling band-aids to alleviate issues.

HPSC does provide support for the DIY homeowners and weekend warriors for every home improvement or maintenance project they tackle.


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